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Terms & conditions on

1.     Application and Acceptance of the Terms

1.1.  Your use of the internet platform is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document as well as the Privacy Policy, and any other rules and policies of the Sites that may publish from time to time.  This document and such other rules and policies of the Site are collectively referred to below as the “Terms”.  By accessing the Site or using the Services, you agree to accept and be bound by the Terms.  Please do not use the Services or the Sites if you do not accept all of the Terms.

1.2   You may not use the Services and may not accept the Terms if (a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with, or (b) you are not permitted to receive any Services under the laws of Republic of Croatia or other countries / regions including the country / region in which you are resident or from which you use the Services.
1.3.  The user shall be able to register with Virtrador by completing and sending the registration form to Virtrador through the registration form on the Web site The registration as a user and the permission to utilize the platform shall be affected upon approval of Virtrador. The utilization contract shall be effective only upon approval from Virtrador that will be confirmed via e-mail and/or post.
1.4.  Upon registration, the user shall accept these Terms as well as any modifications of these Terms communicated to the user. In the event that the Terms are changed, the user will be notified in text form per e-mail, and the user shall have the opportunity to object to the changes and terminate the user relationship. Should the user fail to raise objections, the new Terms shall be deemed accepted.
1.5 post version of Terms only in English and Croatian languages that are visible on the web site and User accept this as such. User should take care of the translation of User`s language.

2. User and Utilization Requirements

2.1. Virtrador shall have the right to require the user verify compliance with the utilization requirements for Virtrador. Interested potential users shall declare upon registration that all information provided is true and complete, and in particular that the user fulfills the requirements.
Depending on the user group, it may be necessarily documents proving the existence of a company that wants to trade over, company VAT number, proof of identity, trade license, a license to perform free activities, etc.

2.2. There is no entitlement to the utilization of Virtrador, given that can exclude members or sellers at any time during the application process or the contract term, without citing reasons, for example due to security issues.

3. Registration and Contract Execution

3.1. Users shall not be entitled to the execution of a utilization contract. Virtrador reserves the right to reject and revoke the execution of a utilization contract or restrict utilization functions without citing reasons, in particular due to
- incorrect information provided during the registration process
- misgivings about the power of attorney rights and the legal existence of the user and the latter’s commercial use of the services, which have not been promptly eliminated at the user’s cost through the presentation of suitable records
- misgivings about the ethical or financial standing of the applicant/user
- suspicion of unethical business practices on Virtrador or competitive interests against Virtrador
- violations of Virtrador’s provisions for use and Terms if provisions are present
3.2. The right to terminate without notice and one-sided exclusion for important cause shall not be affected. In the event that the user is accountable for the cause resulting in the exclusion or restriction by Virtrador pursuant to these Terms, the user shall not be entitled to any reimbursements, termination or reduction of applicable membership fees or payables if fee or payables are present.

4. Access, User Identification and Password

4.1. The user shall undertake to notify Virtrador of all changes to the data submitted upon registration in a timely fashion. The user shall ensure to exercise utmost diligence to always provide Virtrador with the user´s latest and valid e-mail address.
4.2. The user shall undertake to ensure that the user name and password are protected from unauthorized access by third parties, and shall in particular not make these available to persons who are not authorized to become users or that are not part of the user’s company organization (expanded individual access rights).
4.3. Virtrador shall be notified of each and every abuse of the user name or password the user becomes aware of or suspects based on facts. The user shall be liable for the misuse of his/her user identification.
4.4. If payments or fee is present, termination of the Membership can be done by email any time during the membership period, in writing to Any payments processed prior to the cancellation are non-refundable
4.5. If user is registered like free registered user, than the user can terminate contract in any time without any obligations to Virtrador

5. Services rendered by Virtrador like seller or like Marketplace

5.1. Virtrador offers a platform Marketplace, on which users publish product information, business contact interests, selling goods or wanted ads and peruse respective publications and contact the respective partner
5.2. In addition Virtrador can also offer products in its own name as a direct seller or broker in a way that such products are sold directly from (not from the dealer-partner). In this case, such products are sent directly to the customer from the warehouse of the producer-wholesaler with whom Virtrador have a partnership. That mean that such products will be shipped from one of the countries in the world where our partner have warehouse. Virtrador is the online shop in the Internet and as such does not have its own physical warehouse or store. Information about country of product from where the product will be shipped is indicated in product description Page.
5.3. Through its service portfolio, Virtrador offers members and sellers different forms of memberships with different service variations, which are governed by order terms or additional contracts.
5.4. Virtrador shall have the right to change its service portfolio, as well as all functionalities and user surfaces that are part of its online trading place, at any time.

6. Seller-Partner Obligations (User)

6.1. The user warrants that all information provided by the user on products, services or business contact offers are correct and not misleading. The user shall appear on Virtrador in the user’s own name and shall diligently update the user’s latest address, company and contact data.
6.2. The user warrants that the user exercises unrestricted control over the products offered and that the latter are not attached with third party rights or are properly authorised to sell the item by the true owner and are able to transfer good title to the item free from any third party claims, liens or encumbrances and that adequate quantities of the product are available for sale.
6.3. The user shall undertake to utilize Virtrador’s services only in compliance with the general provisions of use for sellers on Virtrador (if provisions are present), as well as all applicable laws, good ethical conduct and the generally applicable Internet standards. Not permitted are in particular:
- the violation of third party rights, especially ownership, copy, name or brand name rights
- content that promotes violence or is pornographic in nature or that violates the provisions of criminal law in any other form
- entries that contain computer viruses, Trojan horses or other programs suitable to damage data or systems, or to secretly obtain or delete such data
- offers of products or content which may not be publicly sold or offered or the possession of which violates applicable laws

6.4. Sellers are responsible for their products and services offered by selling their product in
6.5. Virtrador in any case does not take responsibility for the products listed by sellers nor is in any manner involved in trade between the buyer and seller. Before buying a product from sellers, the buyer is required to carefully read the terms of buying from a seller.
6.6. In the case of complaints to the sellers Product, in order to solve problems, Virtrador will, if necessary, participate to a fair resolution of the problem

7. Seller Ads and Offers

7.1. All Virtrador sellers have the option to publish product offers, business contact or informations about his company.
Prohibited are
- offers that violate applicable laws
- competitive offers (trading portals) against Virtrador.
7.2. Virtrador shall have the right to verify the offer content of users/sellers as well as the latter’s identity and utilization prerequisites and to demand verification of the ability to deliver, to reject, modify, deactivate or delete offers.
7.3. Virtrador shall have the right to exclude sellers from the trade on Virtrador or deactivate partial functions without citing reasons. This shall apply in particular if the seller should violate duties, advertising provisions or the general terms and conditions of doing business on Virtrador. The same shall apply if such action is required to protect the security of Virtrador and its members.
7.4. The ad shall be inserted and be binding on the user as soon as it is registered in Virtrador’s database and activated by the user. The user shall have the option to autonomously revoke the user’s offer on Virtrador. The revocation shall become effective upon deletion or suspension of the ad on Virtrador.
7.5. The price on the ad placed by the user on Virtrador must be the same or lower then the price of the same product placed on sellers own web site or other web sites. Ads that do not meet these requirements, will be deleted from Virtradors platform.

7.6. All sellers are required to accept the complaint and the conditions of return in accordance with applicable regulations

8. Warranty Exclusion

8.1. The following liability restrictions in favor of shall apply to all information, declarations of will, contracts between third parties and inquiries about goods and services within the scope of Virtrador:
- Virtrador does not provide any warranties for agreements made between applicable users and for information provided between the parties.
- Virtrador excludes any and all warranties for goods and services delivered by the seller to the buyer. Virtrador does in particular not accept and liability for the correctness and completeness of information and declarations provided by a buyer or seller concerning the quality and usability of the products and services to be delivered
- Basic membership on Virtrador platform is free. Customers will have to opportunity to choose various type of payd or non-payd membership according to their needs.

9. Exclusion of Liability

9.1. Virtrador shall not be liable for claims based on the fact that Virtrador is temporarily unavailable to users, in particular because of maintenance work, unavailability of internet connection or force majeure (a hacker attack, virus, etc.) and in cases of longer interruptions no act of deliberation or gross negligence should has occurred.
9.2. In particular, Virtrador distances itself from all Internet-links as well as their respective content and creators tied into the offer, and shall not be liable for the content, business transactions made or damages incurred via such links.
9.3. Virtrador shall not be liable for damages due to errors in offers provided by sellers on and the relevant buyer responses. Virtrador shall, in particular not be liable for damages resulting from the removal or suppression of seller and buyer entries on website or from the failure to remove or suppress such information.
9.4. Virtrador shall not be liable for damages resulting from acts of minor negligence of a contractual requirement that is not an integral provision. This shall also apply to acts of minor neglect in terms of contractual requirements that are not integral provisions during the negotiation of a contract and a minor infraction of statutory liability due the minor neglect.
9.5. Virtrador shall not be liable for the content of the websites of third parties, in particular for those of stores within Virtrador that are being directly or indirectly referred to on Virtrador`s website.

10. Payment

10.1. Virtrador is a free service for all international traders and as such does not take any commission for the sale of any of the sellers or from the buyers

10.2. In the case of the introduction of charges for traders, users will be notified at least 30 days in advance so that seller have enough time to continue using the service or close the account.

10.3. After confirmation of purchasing, payments are made directly to the merchant's account. The seller is obliged to specify their account payment information

10.4. For international customers, payment currency may be in one of the following currencies: Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar.

10.5. All product prices listed by are related to the rate of the Euro or US dollars, depending on the product supplier currency and are accordingly subject to change

11. Buying conditions and placing an order

11.1. Customer is responsible for reading all the information about the product and conditions of purchase before place an order.

11.2. It may happen that information on the availability of the product is not identical with the balance in stock or that the product is unavailable. In this case, if the product offered by will offer you:

- The purchase of another product for the full paid amount or

- Credit to your account in the full amount with which you can buy another product when you want or

- Full refund of your money in the same currency and in the same way it is done and payment unless Virtrador accept any other way which is not mandatory

12. Communication

12.1. Communication with Virtrador is possible in Croatian, English and German language.

12.2. Communication with retailers is possible minimum in English and / or other two languages

13. Commitments and guarantees from

13.1.Products which the product page have not marked with selers details are sold by
13.2 Virtrador is not a manufacturer and does not have a physical store, we are on-line Company. Products sold by Virtrador are the products of third parties with whom Virtrador has a certain representation contract. Virtrador forward your order to the manufacturer-wholesaler who sends the product directly to the customer
13.3. In case of complaints, Virtrador is responsible for solving. See details in Section complaints.
13.4. Virtrador offers warranty solely for their products listed in the name and information about warranty and conditions are clearly indicated on the product description page where this is applicable

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