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Model: 1633985
Description :Dove Grill rest stand frame* Used automobile industrial material, frost and heat resisting and long service life* Easy to use and operate* High quality and long service life.Specification :Namedove Grill rest stand frameMaterialPlasticPackage Included :1 x dove rest stand frame ---..
Model: 1642489
Description:Material:Stainless SteelColor:SliverSize:20cmPackage included: 1 Pcs Stainless Skewer ( included hook, wafer, screw )Features:Brand New and high quality.Made of stainless steel material,solid and durable.Easy to clean,convenient for you to use many times.The good match for cages.Can be u..
Model: 1633325
Description :150Pcs Bird  Leg Bands for Pigeon Parrot Finch Canary Hatch Poultry - Easy to remove and re-use- They can be opened wider.- Use for identifying similar looking birds with easy.- Use them to keep different breeds apart, mark suspected cockerels, seperating hatches.- The rings s..
Model: 1645304
Description :15x5m Anti Bird Mesh Mist Net 20mm Hole Orchard Protect Prevent Sparrow - Ideal for keeping those annoying birds off your ponds, plants and fruit.- Can use in agricultural planting, like to protect orchard, vineyards and vegetable farm from birds.- Made of nylonl material, toughnes..
Model: 1645305
Description :300mm Heavy Duty Sparrow Pigeon Bird Net Mesh Humane Live Trap - Easy to use and portable.- Suitable for you to catch birds, catch hunting.- Made of polyethylene material, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight.- Trap made by steel, so maybe some rust on ste..
Model: 1634105
Description 45-50CM Length Multicolor Pet Bird Parrot Chewing Toy For Large & Medium Parrot  ❤PERFECT SIZE FOR LARGE& MEDIUM PARROT -Kintor colorful parrot chewing toy measures 17.7" height & 9.7" width,Suggested for Macaws cokatoos,african grey and a variety of amazon parrots. ❤..
Model: 1635366
Technical Specifications : Color : MulticolorMaterial : Grass tree + cotton rope-Banana Bird Chewing Toy Total Length : 52CM/20.5"Width : 13-14CM/5.1-5.5" -Apple Bird Chewing Toy Total Length : 50-55CM/19.7-21.7"Width : 13-14CM/5.1-5.5" Features and Benefits : ❀ Extra l..
Model: 1678009
Size ConversionInchesCentimetersPlease according to your own measurements to choose your suitable size. The tags inside the items will show in our Asian (Type) size.nullDescription :  Metal Cat Shape Bird Feeder Decorative Crafts Ornament Feeding Tool for Pet Supplies Feature  :Innova..
Model: 1631374
Description: - Panoramic Design: The panoramic design provides a wider view and reduces the stress level of the pet bird, giving you a good perspective to check the health of your pet. - Double-open Zipper Design: With the double-open zipper design, the backpack can be used for a..
Model: 1483517
Materials:PlasticApplicable objects:BirdsSpecifications:B375 bird water drinker long section 65ml blue, B374 bird water drinker long section 65ml white, B376 bird Drinking device slender length 65ml green---------------ITEM IS LOCATED IN CHINA AND WILL BE SENDED DIRECTLY FROM OUR PARTNER TO YOU. BEF..
Model: 1672812
Size ConversionInchesCentimetersPlease according to your own measurements to choose your suitable size. The tags inside the items will show in our Asian (Type) size.Description:  Bird Water Feeder Bottle Hanging Hummingbird Feeder Garden Outdoor Plastic Flower Iron Hook Bird Feeder For Outside/Insid..
Model: 1631324
Description:1.Lightweight and portable, can be easily hung or hand-held, classic retro cage for taking your bird outside for a walk, to vet or other places.2.Four-sided ventilation: The cage also includes two cups, 1 feeding spoon and 2 standing rods, which are sufficient for normal feeding needs.4...
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