About Us

Virtrador.com is the e-commerce internet platform on which export oriented companies or professional individual sellers engaged in retail and/or wholesale business, sell their products to end-users who may be natural persons or legal entities.

On the domain Virtrador.com is B2C or retail assortment.

Worldvide companies or professional individual sellers are welcome to sell and buy here or only to find quality partners for its business.

All companies that advertise and/or sell their products on our site are approved and verified by us.

More about customer group account types and registration you will find in info for buyer or info for seller page.

Above all, we aim to provide a simple and user-friendly platform, and we hope that we have succeeded. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and feel free to contact us because only Your opinion can help us to be even better.


Our goal is to provide a wide selection of quality products at attractive prices from trusted sellers.

For all buyers is service free without any hidden cost.

Our platform is build so that customer have many tools for searching products so that searching is easy, funny and simple as much as possible for all without confusion about how to find information or products.

Regarding to this, customers besides the standard search by products categories, have the ability to

- comparison of different products

- comparison of the same products from different merchants

- e-mail inquiry about the product directly to the seller

- rate the seller

- full access to the information about the seller, the method and cost of the delivery, payment options etc.

- the possibility of product reclamation through our site and our full support

- review products

- we will seek to continually increase the quality and scope of our service

- free support

- and much more...

Just try it!


We give merchants the opportunity to open another sales channel and promotion to worldvide potential customers.

Description of your company and your products collection is integrated into the system which means that we do not use a subdomain for you because this way of your presentation and product collection is faster, more efficient and visitors loses less time to search, but receive all the necessary information of you that you want to give of themselves.

Below are some of the major benefits and options from which all customer groups would have benefit:

- full access to all data about listed sellers on Virtrador

- presentation of the Company with the detailed description of activities, companies logo and banner

- separate product collection from each seller

- seller custom shipping calculation thorough CSV spreadsheet. So, shipping cost will be automatically calculated thorough check out according to data entered by seller self

- seller have the possibility of keeping stock of his products

- our free support and if necessary help and engagement

- store locator

- seller have full control over his Store

Start sell!