UBTECH Alpha 1s 3D Programmable Humaniod Robot For Intelligent Life

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UBTECH Alpha 1s 3D Programmable Humaniod Robot For Intelligent Life

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Do you konw CES 2016,I think so.We are concerned about new Science and Technology in CES.
Everyone loves robots, right? I know I do.We also imagined to have a robot,but it seems hard.
UBTECH Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot Designed For Family, Programmable,Interactable and Affordable.
We also can see the Alpha 1s in the CES 2016.
UBTech's Alpha 1S promises to be an especially fun toy for grownups -- or really lucky kids.
we are able to use the app (for Android and iOS) to control the robot's movements, like turning around, waving, sitting, nodding and so on. The same applies to its other functions, too.

The Link about UBTECH from CES 2016:http://www.cnet.com/products/ubtech-alpha-2/

UBTECH Alpha 1S 540pcs dance in CCTV-1 Spring Frstival Gala

UBTECH Alpha 1s Robot Teaching Video

Alpha 1S App Intro

The First Humanoid Robot Designed For Family Programmable, Interactable,Affordable

UBTECH Alpha 1s 3D Programmable Humaniod Robot

Product Features

1. PC 3D visualization action editing software,immediating all aspects of simulation and human-computer interaction.
2. High-speed Bluetooth connection mobile phone APP,compatible with IOS/Android.
3. Built-in strong power core,"digital Servo",high accuracy of control,flexible body,having obtained a number of low-power design patents.
4. Short charging time,strong endurance.
5. The entire machine body uses environmentally-friendly ABS plastic material,shock-resistant.
6. Structural design of "imitation fingers"with a high-quality of feeling,damage-prevention operating

Product Parameters

A.Body features
Dimension: H:398mm W:196mm D:113mm
Weight:1.65KG (Body)
Material:Aluminum alloy structure,ABS housing
Degree of freedom:16 degrees of freedom

Speaker:3W Mono

C.Hardware configuration
External storage:Standard 128M,maximum support up to 32G
Control mode:Bluetooch 4.0/BLE
Battery:7.4v 2200mAh
Play time:≥60 min/time

D.Software properties
Compatible systems:Windows/IOS/Android
Software programming:Achieving the analogue simulation based on 3D visual PC software

Package Included:

1 x Set of UBTECH Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot

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