ZGPAX S866 1.2-inch GPS LBS Tracking WiFi Bluetooth SOS Android Watch Phone For Child

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ZGPAX S866 1.2-inch GPS LBS Tracking WiFi Bluetooth SOS Android Watch Phone For Child Elektronik

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ZGPAX GPS watch features

Ø GPS+LBS+WIFI three locating mode
Ø SOS emergency call
Ø Quick dial family phone numbers 
Ø Geo-fence
Ø Monitoring online
Ø Trace replay
Ø Communication, remote monitoring
Ø Fall-off alarm
Ø Pedometer/Calories
Ø Weather synchronous

Name Specification
Product GPS positioning monitoring watch for kids
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Charging Voltage DC  5V
Watch size 57*39.3* 14.5mm
Operating temperature -20~70℃
Working frequency band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Sensitivity GSM -165dBm /GPRS CS4 -102dBm
Locate search mode PC service platform/ Mobile/ Message

Please read this user manual carefully before using this product:
1: Make sure that use SIM card which is GSM network pattern, temporarily does not support    3 g /4 g networks
Note: (you can use the 3 g /4 g card, just use the 2 g network)
Ensure the SIM card opened GPRS function, it is recommended to use GPRS package (save money);
Ensure SIM card is effective;
Ensure the SIM card is not set password (PIN1, etc.);
Check whether the SIM card opened the caller id function;
Before using SOS button, please use the phone set SOS number.

Appearance and buttons

1Microphone      2: SOS button   3: Display area
4: SIM card slot    5: Speaker      6: USB port
7: TEL1 Button    8: Reset button  9: Power button
10: TEL2 Button

Function and operation
Boot: Long press the power button for 3 seconds 
Shutdown: Long press the power button for 3 seconds again when watch is on 
Pedometer: short press the power button, the watch into the pedometer interface, display meter steps and calories, count every day reset at 24:00
Emergency call: Long press the SOS button, watch will call the SOS number (need to set up ahead of SOS number)
The family number 1: Long press TEL1, watch will make the family number 1 (need to set up the family number 1 in advance)
The family number 2: Long press TEL 2, watch will make the family number 2 (need to set up the family number 2) in advance
Volume add and subtract: when the watch is in call state, press TEL1 add volume, and TEL2 less volume
Reset: when the watch do not work, can try to use the reset hole to reset the watch

APP Settings
iPhone APP

In apple store search” ZGPAX”, download and install this app.  
Open this APP, Enter the login interface, the phone will automatically generate a login account and password
Account number: account number is randomly generated (one phone can only generate an account)
Default password: 666666
Click“+”Friends, write watch’s sim card phone number and confirm it.

Note: watches and mobile phones after the binding, if have other mobile phone adds the watch needs the first binding consent.( will have message advice)

Track: Viewing the position track of watches

Menu: Go to Control Panel settings

Remote monitoring
Choose open remote monitor, click to verify and set the terminal equipment, as shown in figure (1), mobile phone call to the watch, the watch will
automatically answered. Option to turn off remote monitor, click to verify and set the terminal equipment, as shown in figure (2), Note: only "white list" in the number of the permission.

SOS message switch
Add SOS message number, as shown in picture, turn on the watch alarm, press SOS button, the watch will call SOS number and send SOS message to the set number.

Electronic fence setting (Geo-fence)
Open electronic fence addition, long press setting electronic fence center point to choose the  located address, such as leaving the center range alarm click on leave, such asaccess to a range alarm will click into the center, then tick to confirm as figure(1), return to the success of interface open setup as shown in figure (2)
Enter the name of the fence, find the center point need to set up on the map, set the fence radius, click save; Set up the fence successfully, when the watch enters and leaves the fence, the phone will receive enter or leave the fence alarm prompt

Priority positioning way
GPS and WIFI for option, such as choosing GPS location, then click GPS and send instruction, GPS positioning within 10 meters. If choose WIFI location, click WIFI and send instruction to WIFI, positioning 50-100 meters.

Real-time tracking
Click real-time tracking to send instructions, received reply as shown in figure, light touch to real-time tracking the watch position, track updated every 7 seconds, quit track automatically after 5 minutes.

Android smart phone APK
Scan the QR code and install

Q1:The watch how to power on/off ?
A: power on: Long press the power on/off button for 3 seconds 
  power off: Long press the power on/off button for 3 seconds
Q2:How long can this watch standby ?
A: Standby time associated with frequency of calling and positioning, if not use it frequent, standby time about 36h, suggest user charge every day

Q3:How to clean the watch strap ?
A:it can be cleaned by ethyl alcohol or deterhent,do not soak into water.

Q4:Does positioning device radiation will affect child health?
A: This watch conform to wireless communication global safety standards,please be assured use.

Q5:Is it waterproof ?
A: For daily life waterproof use only,can prevent water when children wash their hands or splashing water, can not washing or soaked in the water.

Q6: Is it fireproof ?
A: At high temperatures may be unable to work or even damaged, suggest away from fire and high temperature environment

Q7: Battery be heat when charging ?
A: It’s normal that watch’s battery a slight heat when Charging.

Q8: Sometime children will put the watch strap into mouth, can you tell me whether the material of watch strap is safety and reliable?
A: the materials is organic silicone rubber,but do not bite and eat it.

Q9: App support what system ?
A: iOS, Android OS, it’s better to use it under 3G network.

Q10: What should we do if Forget APP login password ?
A: Please contact our company customer service , they will reset password,and inform you.

Q11: Positioning failed when use the App ?
A: the reason of Positioning failed or take a long time as below:
1: Watch is power off
2: No connected with server,no data send
3: Signal is weak, and the server connection is slow

Q12: Can not work when download the APP ?
A:Please make sure the system version, if the system version is okay, still can not use, please contact our customer service, tell them your mobile phone model,they will reply you after communication with the related technical personnel for further solution.

Q13: What is the reason of positioning often not precise ?
A: This watch is GPS/WIFI and LBS three-way positioning. According to the signal , select positioning method intelligently, For accuracy, GPS>WIFI>LBS, positioning error is bigger, may be caused by LBS.

This phone will only work with 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 It’s unlocked for worldwide use, customers please take a check to see if your local area network or the communication operator you are using is compatible with this phone before purchase. You can also go to this topic [=== Help Center=== How To Check If This Phone Can Be Used In Your Country] to find how to confirm this.

Basic Brand name ZGPAX
Model S866
Key words GPS tracking watch phone,SOS watch phone 
Type Watch phone
Screen 1.2" inch, 240*240 pixel colorful screen
Sim card Micro sim card
Network mode GSM
Data service GPRS
2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Button Mechanical Buttons
Color Pink, Blue, Yellow
Basic frequency 260mhz
Funcitons GPS+LBS+WIFI+bluetooth tracking in 1 (use for all of the world)
Accuracy: GPS 5-15M, WIFI-20-150M, LBS 1000M
Electric fence
Track playback
Tracking online
Anti - falling alarm
Package include 1 X ZGPAX S866 GPS Tracking Watch Phone For Child
1 X USB Charge Cable
1 X Quick Start Guide
1 X Manual

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